Cheryl & Cisco

Horse & Rider Sessions

July 1, 2024

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Cheryl Dumas & Cisco
Riding under the guidance of Terri King
Photographed at Vicky Holt Quarter Horses, Argyle, Texas

Aren’t barn friends the best? Though I grew up with horses on my family’s property, I will forever be a boarding-barn person sheerly for the amazing friendships I’ve cultivated at the barn. Nobody really “gets” us like a fellow crazy HorseGirl, and I’ve had more bowled-over-laughing moments at the barn or while riding than just about anywhere else in life!

So when Cheryl mentioned she wanted to include her best barn friends for some of her portraits, my answer was “OF COURSE!” and it was just as fun as we’d both predicted. Thanks, ladies for being so much fun!

Ready to make memories like these for yourself & your horse? Contact me to start planning your equestrian portrait session.

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