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North Texas - December 1–2


Tulsa (travel costs waived) - November 20
North Texas - November 30


Tulsa (travel costs waived) - October 25


North Texas - September 1–6


Tulsa (travel costs waived) - August 8–18


Indiana - TBD


Tyler, Texas - May 22–27
North Texas - TBD


Tulsa (travel costs waived) - April 4, 5, 7 openings
North Texas - April 24, 29, 30


North Texas - March 1–4


Travel dates are subject to change—and your location can always be added! Sessions are always available anywhere in Oklahoma; book when I'm already in Tulsa (dates listed below) to enjoy waived travel costs. 
Want to add your location to my plans? Contact me and let's make it happen!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will you come to my state?

Of course! Reach out and I'll add you to my travel requests list. I need at least 3 clients to plan most out-of-state trips, so tell your barn friends you'd like me to visit!

What about Travel in OKlahoma?

If you live within 1 hour from Guthrie, Oklahoma, there are no travel costs. 

Outside of that range, travel costs are $0.70 per mile round trip, less 60 miles. This cost is added to your final invoice.

I've simplified costs for some frequent travel locations:
- Tulsa Metro Area: $100
- Ardmore Area: $110