Heartfelt Horse Show Coverage

Rachel Griffin Photography is excited to provide photography coverage at a limited number of equestrian events in Central Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

Follow the link below to view all active horse show galleries. Did you participate at an event this weekend? Get notified when images are ready by pre-registering for the show’s gallery with your email. Event galleries are live for 30–40 days after their release date

Show Services


Frequently Asked Questions

How long are shows live?

Show images typically go live 2–5 days after the event; the gallery is then available for 30–40.

Can I access an expired show?

Yes! A $30 pre-purchase is required to open any expired gallery; please contact me to request a gallery be re-opened. 

Can you come to my show? 

It depends! Show managers, don’t hesitate to reach out to check my availability for your events. Exhibitors, please share your enthusiasm about my images with your show managers!

Do you allow screenshots?

No. Screenshotting images without purchase is considered theft and will be handled as such. Exhibitors found in violation of this policy will receive a $175 fine and may lose future photography privileges. Please respect your show photographers. 

Do you offer private client show photography? 

I do if I have enough interest at a particular show! I am able to provide this service at any Great Southwest Equestrian Center and Split Rock Jumping Tour event. I must submit a client list prior to the show week, so please reach out to me ASAP to inquire about private client coverage.