Rachel and Herbie

Hey there,

I’m Rachel, and I tell stories. The crazy horse girl all grown up, I packed up my truck, trailer and Quarter Horse, Herbie, and hit the road from Indiana to Texas. By day, I craft tales of colorful Paint Horses as an editor for APHA’s Paint Horse Journal and Chrome magazines. 

By night, err…golden hour…I pick up my camera and tell my favorite kinds of stories: those simple moments between a rider and horse that illustrate the incredible bond and unexplainable passion that horse lovers know all too well. The connection between horse and rider is understood by every equestrian, but I’ve found that no two sessions are exactly alike…every story is unique and deserves to be told. 

Rachel these are pictures, dummy, what do you mean stories?

A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? As a writer, I can attest that...

  1. That’s true

  2. One thousand is a whole lot of words! Enough for a small story, perhaps

Sure, your session involves some posing and direction and tidying up (unless you normally enjoy romping through the barn in your best dress), but my favorite moments happen in between those poses. There’s a story in the quiet moment of snuggling between longtime partners; in the patient sigh of a veteran schoolmaster and his tiny, new charge; in the excited grin of a new owner or the proud smiles of a veteran cowgirl aboard a talented sale prospect. They’re stories of relationships—new, old, just beginning or almost over—that last in our hearts longer than any trophy won or title claimed. These stories are real, they’re raw, and they deserve to be celebrated. I hope you’ll let me tell yours.


I Believe...

  • That bad days can always be cured with a good ride

  • That memories are important! While show pictures might capture your achievements, I capture relationships

  • That every horsewoman deserves to celebrate their horse—beautiful portraits are not reserved for active competitors or youngsters

  • In prints! My images are not doomed to live only within the depths of Facebook; every session comes with real, tangible memories ready to decorate your walls

  • In natural, gorgeous, golden light. We’ll schedule your session around the day’s best light to create beautiful images you’ll love

Special thanks to Abigail Boatwright for the gorgeous headshots!

Special thanks to Abigail Boatwright for the gorgeous headshots!

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