Kenzie, Detta, Val, Kiera & Bubbles

Horse & Rider Sessions

April 1, 2024

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Kenzie O’Brien & Vendetta Semilly, Valentino, Kiera & Tipsy
Riding under the guidance of Mindy Coretz
Photographed at Eighteen Acres Farm, Bixby, Oklahoma

I’m often asked if high school seniors can have a few portraits without their horses, and the answer is always YES! How much we do is up to you, but I highly recommend we spend at least 10 minutes without your horse even if you’re a HorseGirl through and through. They’re great for yearbooks, gifting to non-horsey relatives and more.

Vendetta was on strict stall rest during Kenzie’s session, but we couldn’t leave such a special mare out of the memories! The sun coming in from the window gave us just enough light for a few sweet moments together.

Ready to make memories like these for yourself & your horse? Contact me to start planning your equestrian portrait session.

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