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February 2, 2024

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Emily Johnson & Atlas Globetrotter
Riding under the guidance of Glenn & Kelly Ronden
Photographed at KJM Equestrian / Westlake Show Stables, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Blessed are the teacher horses. Those patient souls who help so many new riders find their passion and develop their burgeoning skills. The equestrian world is built on the backs of the lesson and lease horses, but these temporary partnerships are rarely celebrated; often only documented in lesson videos and show snapshots.

But no matter how brief the pairing, that partnership and pony are forever part of your equestrian journey. I love that Emily wanted to commemorate her time with her lease pony, Atlas, before it ended. So while Emily has a new boy to love on (his name is Queso—can you say adorable?!?!) and Atlas is off teaching a new rider the ropes, she’ll always have these special memories to remember him by.

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