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February 4, 2023

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Your full experience with Rachel Griffin Photography is not complete until I’ve helped you turn your portraits into gorgeous artwork and keepsakes! That’s why I offer complimentary design consultations—to cut through the overwhelm and indecision keeping you from getting your equestrian art on your walls.

What is a Complimentary Design Consultation?

It’s a no-pressure, low-hassle way to finally get “order my canvas” off your to-do list. 

After you’ve received your gallery, you can reach out to schedule a design consult. Before we meet, you’ll send me some images of spaces you’d like to decorate (don’t worry about tidying up—this is a judgement free zone!) and share a bit about your tastes.

During your design consult, we’ll meet via Zoom for a 90-minute video conversation. We’ll chat one-on-one to get all your questions answered, and I’ll share some design mockups of your portraits as canvases or framed prints.

Remember those images you sent me of your own walls? Yep, we can even use those to see which artwork size will look best for you!

You can either choose a suggested mock-up, or work with me to select your perfect image and size for your artwork.

At the end, you’ll select the artwork you love and complete a quick invoice. No fussing with shopping carts, agonizing over size, etc … I’ve done all the hard work for you!

Why should you schedule a design consultation?

Choice overwhelm is a real thing! And your life is busy!

Instead of researching interior design tips, guessing about ratios or simply living with blank walls, just share your ideas and wall pictures with me—I’ll do all the hard work from there.

I’ve designed these consults to be helpful and low-pressure for you. I’m here to be helpful, not a scummy used car salesman. You’re welcome to select and purchase popular art sizes all on your own via your portrait gallery, but the design consultation takes a lot of the fuss, questions and hassle off your plate. 

I wholly believe your memories are best treasured when they live beyond your phone screen. It’s important to me that happens, so I aim to make the artwork ordering process as easy as possible. 

And seeing is believing…and loving your art! Sometimes you don’t even realize how great a piece might look until you see it mocked up during the consult. 

How does it work?

  1. You photograph any walls you want to decorate
  2. Complete your design questionnaire to give me a sense of your vision
  3. I create custom suggestions that fit your exact space & personal style
  1. We meet via Zoom to review the suggestions & select your artwork
  2. You’re done! I’ll take care of the rest. Watch your doorstep for your new art!

Get Inspired

Following are art inspirations made with my mock-up software. Many have gone on to become real installations in homes.

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