3 key measurements for hanging equestrian art

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February 8, 2023

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I was probably busy riding horses the day I was supposed to learn to become a domestic goddess. Because as much as I aspire to have a gorgeous home, I’ve spent hours in indecision trying to decorate just one wall!

So,  I’ve gathered the golden measurements from design sites and professional art galleries like Park West into one quick resource. That way you can hang up the artwork from your equestrian portraits with ease…and maybe even enough time to get in a ride at the barn! 

Three Key Measurements:

1. The ideal height for art on a wall

Hang your art so that the center of the piece is approximately 57 inches from the ground; this puts your canvas at the average person’s eye level.

If your ceilings are high, bump this number up to 60 inches. 

When decorating in a gallery wall, experts at TheSpruce.com say to use the 57-inch rule for the anchor piece that ties the rest of the art together. The surrounding pieces can be at different heights, depending on your layout.

2. The ideal distance between pieces

The spacing will depend on your wall, vision and number of pieces, but the general rule is a space of 3–6 inches between your canvases or frames.

3. The ideal distance above furniture

Too low can feel claustrophobic, but too high can leave the art feeling unanchored. So, plan to hang your canvas with a 6- to 8-inch gap above your couch or desk.

When hanging over furniture, it is OK to go higher than the 57-inch rule if needed.

Consider, too, your furniture’s size when choosing your art. A 16-by-20 canvas will feel dwarfed above a sprawling sofa, while a 24-by-36 piece might feel just right. A good rule of thumb is to have your art be 75 percent the width of the furniture

Decorating Made Easy

I can further help take out the guesswork with a design consult. We’ll meet for approximately 90 minutes, I’ll show you some inspiration on your own walls, and I’ll answer all your questions right then (hello, no emails!) plus, I’ll take care of the ordering hassle for you. 


These are guidelines, not hard and fast rules. Nobody is coming into your home and checking your measurements! But using these guidelines, you can get your art on the wall quickly and still have time to make it to the barn before dark. 

Helpful Resources:

Following are additional articles outlining these golden rules and other hanging considerations:

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