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January 9, 2023

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You might already have your heart set on a portrait session with your horse, but have you selected your season yet? 

Every season is beautiful for its own reasons, but various factors might make one better suited for you than others. 

If your 2023 goals include booking a session, use these tips to plan out the best time for you! Then, take a peek at my availability calendar to narrow down your preferred month. Hint: I recommend reserving your session date several months in advance to ensure stress-free planning!

Choose Your Season


Spring sessions come with lush greens, blooming flowers, reasonable temperatures and vibrant colors. It also comes with predictably unpredictable weather.

A spring session is best for you if…

  • You feel best wearing pastel or softly muted colors
  • You don’t mind rainchecks if the weather requires
  • You enjoy vibrant pops of colors in your home decor
  • You’re embarking on a new goal/show journey or you have a new equine partner
  • You’re a high school senior

Don’t let spring weather stress you out! Here’s how I approach rescheduling and managing elements like wind, rain and mud.


Summertime brings much more predictable weather, and early summer often isn’t unbearably hot! If you’ve been competing, this is when your horse is likely at peak conditioning—and his coat will be short and shiny.

A summer session is best for you if…

  • You want Fine Art portraits of your horse in peak show condition
  • You feel best wearing lightweight fabrics or flowing dresses
  • You enjoy a balance of neutrals and colors in your home decor
  • You have school or an inflexible work schedule
    • (Thanks to longer days, summer sessions often begin at 5pm or later!)


Autumn is the most popular season for Horse & Rider portraits, so these dates book quickly! Though shorter days mean we’ll start your session earlier in the day, you’ll get to enjoy moderate temperatures and beautiful fall colors. Horses still look great with longer or clipped coats, but book in early Fall if you prefer the short-hair look.

Fall sessions are for you if…

  • You feel best in layers, cozy neutrals, cozy sweaters & boots
  • You enjoy vibrant contrast in your images
  • You can take a day off work or school (weekend dates are scarce)
  • Your horse keeps a short coat all year, or you don’t mind a slightly hairy coat


Picture winter, and you’re likely to think of brown, dead trees and gloomy days. But that’s not often the case—we can still make magic in colder months! In fact, the “stick season” lends its own beauty to black-and-white images, and the bare trees can lead to more glow in your sunset!

Winter sessions are for you if…

  • You like neutral colors in your home decor
  • You want to show off hardware from your end-of-season shows!
  • You feel best in sweaters or stylish layers (like a structured moto jacket) in deep tones or contrasting neutrals
  • You find your horse’s winter woolies cute (same) or his coat is short year-round
  • Your horse is retiring after the show eason or he’s older
    • While goodbye sessions are available year-round, a “just in case” session at the start of winter is a good idea to ensure you have happy memories with a horse whose health is questionable. 

Ultimately, though, any season brings its own special beauty to your Horse & Rider session! And the connection between you and your horse will shine no matter the scenery. 

Ready to make memories like these for yourself & your horse? Contact me to start planning your equestrian portrait session.

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