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July 26, 2022

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Beyond just creating beautiful pictures of horses with their riders, my goal is to illustrate specific emotions and details that mean so much to us equestrian devotees.

Over time, I’ve developed five signature images I now strive to create for every portrait client.

Equestrian Joy

The way your eyes sparkle when you smile at your horse. The wholehearted laugh when he snorts all over your hand. Your blissful expression when you snuggle into his chest for a hug.

I find people are most beautiful when they’re most “themselves”—and that’s especially true for horsewomen. I love being able to show you just how breathtakingly gorgeous happiness looks on you.

Intimate Peace

Our horses bring calm to our souls, and that intimate connection you share unfolds in countless moments during your portrait session, from a faraway capture of a quiet grazing moment to a close-up of your soft smile as you cradle your horse’s head.

These images show the quieter side of your relationship—one that’s less often documented than the smiley moments, but still a vital piece of your connection with your horse. It’s a part of your equestrian journey you deeply feel…and now you get to see it, too.

Quiet Confidence

So much personal growth happens in the saddle, especially when it comes to mindset and confidence, and it’s important we celebrate that.

I’ve also always been inspired by the quiet confidence of the talented, championship-winning horsewomen I met as an equine journalist. These women were exceptionally gracious and unshakably confident in their riding, but many still grew nervous when I raised my camera. I made it my mission to help them shake those nerves so we could authentically capture their personality.

Because of those women, confidence is my favorite emotion to photograph, and I love coaxing it out of even the most timid of subjects!

Some images in your session’s gallery (like ones where you’re grinning at the camera) are for others—they’re the ones that get framed in your mom’s house or posted on your horse’s gotcha day. But I include portraits of your quiet confidence just for you. I want to make sure you see, and love, the strong, determined person you’ve become through riding.

Emotions in Black & White

To me, black and white images heighten the emotions of a moment. The monochrome softens the visual noise to spotlight the feelings you were experiencing.

Whether they illustrate your joy, peace or strength, these emotional black and white portraits are my personal favorites to deliver.

Details of Connection

We connect with our horses in so many subtle, intimate ways:

Your fingers tickling between his nostrils or stroking his blaze. Untangling his forelock from his bridle. Scratching his shoulder. Gently pushing him back a step with the lightest of touches. Running a hand through his mane. Giving a last “Good Boy!” pat as we head toward the barn.

These little connections might be universally known equestrians, but they’re also wholly unique to each horse-and-rider partnership. It takes a fellow equestrian to appreciate these details, which is why I make sure to include them in your gallery!

Further, these special details make for excellent art in your home! If you (like me) aren’t keen on plastering your home with your own face, these artistic details are a beautiful option for your canvases.

Additional Images

Of course, these five signature images aren’t the only ones included in your session! I work to include plenty of variety—both in poses and composition—within every gallery.

While I have plenty of poses and ideas ready for my clients, you are always welcome to come to me with your vision and ideas; I’m here to help make your dream portraits a reality!

Ready to make memories like these for yourself & your horse? Contact me to start planning your equestrian portrait session.

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