This or that? Customize your portrait session

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March 6, 2022

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No two horses are 100% alike (no, not even the two solid bays in the pasture you hope your husband counts as one horse). In the same sense, no two equestrian portrait sessions are the same, either.

The many choices you make when planning your portrait session can help you customize your memories to perfectly fit both your personality and the relationship you have with your horse. Which of the following options would you choose?

Spring, summer, fall or winter?



Travel somewhere new or stay at home?



Arena or pasture?



Ride your horse or stand alongside?



If you’re riding, do you want to ride bareback or in your saddle?



If you’re standing, do you want your horse haltered or bridled?



Will you wear show clothes, “normal” clothes or a combination?



Go glamorous in a dress or stay casual in jeans?

If you couldn’t tell, there are NO wrong answers when it comes to having a beautiful portrait session that feels wholly your own! Can’t decide? Longer session options mean we have plenty of time for multiple outfit styles, both riding and standing poses and several locations.

When you’re ready to start planning, reach out to tell me all your dream-session ideas!

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