One Notch Above


March 11, 2021

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One Notch Above
Owned by TopNotch Performance Horses
Edmond, Oklahoma

Whenever I tell someone about Asher, I think the word I most often use is “freak.” But really, what better word is there for a gigantic, ultra-talented stallion who still looks this good, even after months of stall rest for injury recovery?

When planning this outing with Renee, we termed this the “Wild Asher” shoot. We meant that his normally short mane is lusciously long and his “dad bod” is in full effect…but it seems Asher took it to mean that he should careen about the pasture and see just how many times he could make me leap out of his way. I’m not kidding—I’m pretty sure he made a game out of just narrowly missing me and the camera.

A gorgeous stud with talent and personality to boot? Yep, it’s fully worth a few momentary heart attacks for great images!

I am so excited to see Asher back in the arena in 2021—keep an eye out for this gorgeous boy; you don’t want to miss him!

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