Megan, Smurf & Dory

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February 11, 2021

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Megan Hephner with her AQHA cutting horses Murray Smurf & CY Dualin Kitty

Megan’s tried her hand at just about every possible discipline—she’s been a Quarter Horses Congress Queen, a hunter princess, an elite IHSA horsemanship rider, and now she’s fully immersed in the world of cutting under the guidance of Tance Bryant Cutting Horses in Millsap, Texas.

Her cutting love is fostered by Smurf, who taught her the ropes of the sport, and it’s being furthered by the tenacious talent of Dory. Their success in the arena is just another reflection of Megan’s unstoppable work ethic at her job and in the saddle. It’s truly inspiring to see all of a rider’s goals and dreams falling into place—and that happiness and pride simply shines in Megan’s vibrant smile.

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