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February 11, 2021

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Somerlyn, Kaydence & Kale Cothran
alongside Glow Light Van Hof Ter Ede & Vivian
at Lightning L Ranch in Oklahoma City

We don’t get snow too often in Oklahoma City, so it was pretty exciting that the Cothran’s family portrait day coincided with a beautiful (but cold) blanket of powder. We moved quickly to capture some sweet family togetherness before Kade’s fingers froze, but Kaydence and Glow toughed it out for some snowy horse & rider portraits together!

I’ve gotten to watch Kaydence and her mares show together at just about every show I photographed in 2020, and it was so much fun to get to know her, too, as the season went on! Glow might be one of my favorite jumpers to photograph—she makes it look so easy, and she does it all with her trademark tongue sticking out!

I’m sure she’s not one to boast about herself, but there’s no denying Kaydence’s passion for riding and her talent in the saddle. It was a true joy to get to capture that devotion on such a rare, snowy day!

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