The Arszman Family

Horse & Rider Sessions

February 11, 2021

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Megan & Aubrey Arszman
with their American Quarter Horse Lark & Miniature Horse Gru

How special it is to watch a love for horses blossom in a young rider. Megan—who’s built a career out of her equestrianism—gets to do just that with her young daughter, Aubrey, at their home in Westfield, Indiana.

Paired with her pint-sized partner, Gru, Aubrey is gaining her confidence on the ground and in the arena. At the same time, Megan gets to share her own childhood heart-horse, Lark, with her daughter.

As Lark grows older, these portraits were a chance for Megan to savor all the memories she’s made with the mare over their lifetime. At the same time, we got to freeze time and capture Aubrey’s horse love in its earliest years. This family’s beautiful past and bright future all came together in their joy-filled, timeless portraits.

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