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September 15, 2020

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Lauren Patterson & her Oldenburg gelding Montenero

A lot has changed since Lauren began loving Nero 11 years ago.

In their heyday, they traveled the country to sail through tough courses at major hunter/jumper shows. They enjoyed years of excitement, big challenges and riding for those moments when everything seems to fall perfectly into place.

At 21, Nero’s now happily retired in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Lauren, now a New Yorker, still sees her boy as much as she can. That bond forged between the pair is just as strong as ever.

It’s a bond that can be felt in the quiet moments of hand grazing, and heard in Lauren’s lilting laugh as Nero grabs for wildflowers. Their partnership simply glowed in their sunset bareback hack, where even after all the time apart, Lauren’s boy rides like they’ve never skipped a day.

Lauren and Nero have a lot of history together, but so many new memories are waiting ahead for these two, dear friends.

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