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September 4, 2020

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Karley’s eyes sparkled with pride and love as she talked about Sylvia between outfit changes. Her real-life unicorn’s hooves tapped a steady rhythm on the pavement as Karley detailed their journey—where they started, how they improved, and all the goals they’ve chased along the way.

Those big goals—like soaring over heart-stoppingly large fences at shows across the country under the guidance of Sarah Trepagnier Arcadia Hills Equestrian—are even more impressive, considering Karley’s done it all while first juggling medical school and now the grueling years as a medical resident.

”Sylvia and my husband are basically the reason I have survived residency,” Karley told me. “She’s my escape—I can leave the hospital and leave the stress and long hours behind and just let my mind rest.

She is the absolute greatest joy in my life. I just love being with her, even when I can’t ride her. She can get my mind right and get me ready for those long stretches at work. She gives me goals in my life that are outside of academic or career goals, and I love that. Sylvia’s what I look forward to when I’m stuck at work!”

Managing it all isn’t easy, of course—and Sylvia is currently recovering from a surgery that might make their future goals look a little different—but in those moments of pure joy and clarity that only horsepeople truly know, it’s so clearly worth it for Karley.

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