Debbie, DaVinci & Enzo

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August 15, 2020

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Debbie Shoemake and her Paint & Quarter Horse geldings DaVinci & Enzo
Photographed at Vicki Holt Quarter Horses in Argyle, Texas

Debbie, DaVinci & Enzo have graced the blog several times, and the bond they all share seems to get more and more beautiful with every passing year.

After a past session, Debbie—a hardworking #bosslady who’s a killer car saleswoman—described how riding is her time: a way to unwind after her hectic workdays. She also mentioned how she used portraits of her boys as a way to de-stress amidst a busy day; a simple glance or micro-break spent studying the personable expressions of DaVinci or the mischievous look in Enzo’s eye might be all that’s needed to carry her mind out of the stressful office and to her happy place at the barn.

As a self-professed workaholic, Debbie’s comments have always resonated with me. The barn is my sanctuary, too, and spending time with my own horse is my favorite way to relax. It’s not easy to keep horses in our lives—it takes a huge sacrifice of money, time, emotions and more—but I think every horsewoman can agree that the peaceful moments we get to share with our equine partners makes all the hustle worth it.

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