12 Location Ideas for your Equestrian Portrait Session

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May 15, 2020

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The bond you share with your horse is front-and-center in your portraits together. We further spotlight your connection with the gorgeous, golden glow of the setting sun (bonus: it makes your skin look glowy, too!)

And while our focus is on you, your horse and your relationship, the location you choose for your session can also add a unique feel to your images.


Sessions most often take place where your horse lives, but every barn (even small ones!) can offer great variety if you know where to look.

A woman kisses her Paint Horse in front of flowering bushes at her barn. Choosing scenic locations close to your horse's home can help him stay calm

A barn entryway is often used for creating those classic black background images, but it can also be beautiful all on its own!

A woman pets her grey warmblood mare in front of Arcadia Hills Equestrian Center's stone barn. If your barn is particularly photogenic, use it as a portrait session location

Horses tend to be most comfortable closer to the barn, and a wide barn driveway can be a pretty, open space without going too far from home.

A blonde rider in a white sweater walks her chestnut hunter gelding on a wide gravel driveway. Gravel driveways are easy, scenic locations for equestrian portraits.

Spacious front lawns are often uncluttered and full of beautiful green space.

A blonde rider in a green dress sits on her Pony of the Americas mare while bareback. A manicured front lawn is a good location option for your equestrian portrait session

Pastures are a natural choice for portraits. If possible, move all other horses out to prevent distractions and party crashers.

A young girl leans on the back of a bay miniature horse as he grazes in a pasture. Your horse's pasture is a good location option for your equestrian portrait session

A pond or tank adds a dreamy feel to any image.

A redheaded rider sits bareback on her black hunter gelding as they stand in front of a pond. Ponds and other water elements add romanticism to your equestrian photo shoot

Arenas are always a great option. Clear away extra clutter first, but leave a jump or two for extra options.

An equestrian stands with her hunter gelding in full tack and attire in front of a brown wishing well roll top jump. Arenas are good locations for horse and rider portrait sessions.


For those with a sense of adventure—and a horse who’s comfortable and confident in new places—there are even more great locations to choose from. If you’d like a truly different setting from the barn, do some research. The internet is a great resource, of course, but don’t be afraid to ask in your network for ideas—you never know what cool locations someone might offer for you to use!

Your neighbor’s open field where you love to hack? Those tall grasses are dreamy in the sunset light. (Just get permission, please!)

A young girl in shorts rides her bay gelding bareback in a tall, open field at sunset

A quiet, low-traffic road near your barn is an easy change of scenery.

A teenage rider pets her Pony of the Americas on the shoulder while walking down a long, wooded driveway. Quiet roads make scenic options for equestrian portraits

Not a lot of space at home? Consider hauling to your trainer’s barn for more options.

A Senior horsewoman poses next to her bay mare in front of a wooden arena fence during her equestrian portrait session

If you’ve always loved the views at a friend or family member’s property (like this stunning ranch), ask to come for a visit!

A high school rodeo queen rides her senior barrel horse toward a scenic Texas background during her high school senior portraits with an equestrian photographer. Scenic locations are possible, just ask around to friend and relatives for ideas!

Research public, horse-accessible parks or trails nearby. Some may charge a slight entry fee, while others are free.

Or, hit the beach! Oklahoma might not be near an ocean, but some lakes can still offer that beachy feel. Some might charge a fee for horses, but it is totally worth it!

A redheaded woman in a long white dress walks a grey Andalusian mare into the ocean waves during an equestrian portrait session

Ready to make memories like these for yourself & your horse? Contact me to start planning your equestrian portrait session.

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