Marizie, Dez, Sarah & Zee | Roanoke, Texas, Equine Portrait Session

Crisp morning air energized the barns at Hidden Star Farm in Roanoke, Texas. Green leaves and warm air stubbornly remained despite it being early December, but the barn's explosion of festive adornments—garland, sparkles, ribbons and bows, snowflakes and Santas—firmly maintained that winter had indeed arrived.

As his barn mates nickered hungrily for food, Dez stood patiently for Sarah to finish up his last few bands. Still very much a youngster, Dez's curious eyes watched our every move; there's not much that ruffles his quiet soul. Sarah snapped the last band, patted Dez's neck and handed the colt to Marzie for the day's first portrait session before tending to her own project colt's finishing touches. 

Though she's slowed down on showing, Marzie finds joy in raising and riding talented youngsters. She's got a bit of a thing for bays, too! Patient Dez is her youngest prospect, and his quiet attitude and fluid moves just might mean he's got a longtime home with Marzie. 

Zee, Sarah's latest project, has blossomed under her tutelage. Also calm (and also bay), Zee had no problem with Sarah hopping on his back for a few poses, despite never being so far out of the arena and never ridden bareback. Though Zee will go on to a new home someday, he's guaranteed to be ready for absolutely everything. 

Dez and Zee's young, willing minds and blossoming potential are fostered daily by Sarah and Marzie's patient care and confidence in the future fruits of their current labors. With the excellent starts they've had, both kind colts are bound for great things. 

Sarah and Marzie, I can't express how much joy I get from my time with you! The barn is a place of laughter, reflection, advice and connection—my favorite place to be—and it just wouldn't be the same without either of you. 



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