Lucy & Dustin | North Fort Worth Couples Session

The rays of the sunset stretched over sprawling fields in North Fort Worth's Acadia Trail Park, casting a golden glow across romping dogs and running children eking the last bits of fun out of the chilly January weekend. 

Dustin stepped out of the car and into the crisp air, looked pointedly at the sweater in his hand and protested, "So why doesn't she have to wear layers?"

And so the playful banter began. Lucy and Dustin walked hand in hand to the park clearing, passing and countering quick remarks like seasoned teammates in a playful game—it's a game they're in for life, and they're in it for fun. The comfortable teasing carried through the session, keeping poses lighthearted and revealing the easy relationship the duo shares; tender moments and warm embraces had to be captured in quick snaps before the giggle bubbled out and soft smiles cracked into wide grins.

Dustin quickly grew thankful for his layers, teasing Lucy for her bare shoulders in winter as we wandered the park in search of great light. But when the sun sank too low and the trek back to the car began, the sweater exchanged hands without a thought. There's not much more beautiful than a life built on love, laughter and friendship. 

Lucy and Dustin, thanks so much for a wonderful evening! There's not much better than spending a whole session laughing behind the camera! Dustin, you can shoulder pop like the best of them! Lucy, thanks for braving the cold for the sake of being time we'll let Dustin go sleeveless and you can wear the layers! 

Hugs, Rachel

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