Kristyn & RC | Equine Portrait Session | Aurora, Texas

The trees were drenched in the evening’s golden glow, and RC’s buckskin coat flickered with sunlight as he jogged circles in the crisscrossing shadows. Lazy bugs dotted the air and a soft breeze tickled the leaves—it was a perfect evening as Texas made its slow transition toward fall. Well, perfect except for the bee.

A rogue—and very territorial—bee had decided to interrupt our portrait session, and despite young RC’s best efforts to stand still for the camera, our little party crasher required some skillful dodging while awaiting the arrival of some deterring spray (which has since been added to my crazy shoot bag!).

So maybe being terrorized by a bee isn’t great, but the whole experience truly highlighted how close Kristyn and RC have become in just a year’s time.

I first photographed RC in the winter of 2017, just a month or so after he’d even arrived in the Fort Worth area. Only 6 months old, he was understandably unsure of the whole portrait ordeal—strange place, strange new owner, strange…stranger…wielding a strange black object (I totally get it, RC!) But we were patient, and Kristyn quietly soothed her young new partner, and we captured some adorable memories of the very start of their relationship.

Since last year, RC’s a wholly changed horse. Though only a year and a half, his young eyes pooled deep and dark, reflecting his quiet soul. RC’s now confident and trusting in Kristyn, and he reflects the same love she pours into his care—his adorable velvety nose searching for scratches and treats between poses. Not much worries him, and he tried his little heart out to pay attention with our grumpy intruder buzzing about. RC’s a fast student, too, so we made sure to show off some of his favorite groundwork moves during the session.

Not every owner gets to form such a bond with their partners—to start from scratch, shape their horses’ minds and watch their unique personalities blossom. To see their horses through every stage of life: those big “firsts,” trying challenges and sweet successes. To look back on their relationship and find a true lifetime of memories. I feel so privileged to help document this beautiful slice of Kristyn and RC’s long journey together.

Kristyn, I hope you are bursting with pride at how great RC was for our session! Seriously, what a good, good boy! I love that I get to help you document RC’s early years (and I’m sad I didn’t think to do the same with Herbie!), and I can’t wait to see how much he’s changed by this time next year! Thanks again for trusting me with your child’s “school pictures!” ;)