Jalaine, Rhonda, Joel & Midge | Equine Portrait Session | Coldwater, Michigan

Sunlight drenched the lush pastures in a brilliant haze as Jalaine and Joel made their way though the dewey grass toward the pond, with Rhonda and Midge not far behind. Jalaine's been riding all her life—that special love for horses never waning with time—and Rhonda's been there through it all, as a lead line handler, cheerleader, practice partner, show trip co-pilot, competitor, and more. A mutual love of horses adds a special element to a mother-daughter relationship, and the love and joy these two share through riding simply radiated from their smiles during our time together. (Of course, grabbing portraits of these two together was a top priority for this session, and I just love the way their coordinating outfits popped next to their horses' stunning chestnut coats!)

Joel and Midge are the equine glue in the duo's bond, and both were superstars throughout this session! Joel has quite the personality (and a rogue tongue that's definitely starring in my 2018 blooper blog) but his curiosity and oh-so expressive eyes made him an excellent model! Midge, though a newer addition to the barn, is coming along beautifully, and she's so unbelievably trusting! After Joel rocked the bareback-in-a-halter look, Jalaine hopped on Midge bareback for the first time ever ...and the sweet mare jogged along like it was no big deal...check out that gorgeous stride! 

Jalaine & Rhonda, I can't say enough how much I admire the partnership you two share! I hope someday I can share horses with my children in the same way—both when they're young and also as adults! Good luck with your new farm ventures—you couldn't have picked a more gorgeous property! Thanks again for waking up so early to have some fun with me! —Rachel

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