Debbie, DaVinci & Enzo | Roanoke, Texas, Equine Portrait Session

Long and narrow with trees arching over from either side, Elizabethtown Cemetery Road stretched into the distance. We were less than a mile from the interstate, but the buzz of traffic was replaced with the chatter of rustling leaves and the hollow taps of hooves on pavement. Autumn had finally arrived in North Texas, and the stubbornly green branches were finally dotted with shocks of yellow, painting the perfect vibrant background for Debbie and DaVinci. 

Though quirky and full of personality, DaVinci was as steady as can be while riding away from Hidden Star Farm to our first location. The road, though peaceful, is also great for gunning engines, yet DaVinci never spooked as trucks and convertibles roared past. We had to act fast—rushing into the middle of the road for the perfect shot while watching and listening for signs of oncoming cars—but boy, was it worth it.

I’ve wanted to capture portraits along Elizabethtown Cemetary Road for years—daydreaming about shots almost every time I go to the barn—and I couldn’t stop smiling while Debbie and DaVinci wandered down the lane, the handsome Paint’s striking black-and-white coat popping perfectly on the autumnal background. 

Debbie’s had DaVinci since he was just a colt, and she knows the personable gelding inside and out. In between dodging cars and flashing her signature blue eyes (seriously, model status!) Debbie loved on her boy, playfully scolding him for his tongue-sucking habit and patiently laughing when distractions in the unfamiliar setting caught his eye. 

Back at the barn, we grabbed “Enzo,” Debbie’s newest adventure, for a few family shots before leading the playful bay colt out for his first official portraits (Enzo made a cameo in last year’s session). I can’t believe how much he’s grown in just a year!

Debbie, thank you so much for trusting me with your portraits year after year. We didn’t think we could top last year, but I reckon we did! Your passion and love for your two boys shines through when you’re with them, and the joy they bring you simply lights up in every photograph. Your sharp wit and kind heart make it a pleasure to know you and an honor to capture memories for you.