Roof Family Portraits | Cleburne, Texas

We parked at the end of the lane before striking out on foot. The boys, Val and Cam, helped their stepfather Glen carry the antique chair over the uneven ground to a small clearing surrounded by scraggly trees still clinging to their summer greenery. The well-worn chair might be out of place in another field, but it was right at home on land steeped in family heritage. Glen's family has owned sprawling ranch lands in Cleburne, Texas, for generations, and the small slice we chose for their family portraits came to life as the sun set and laughter bounced through the trees.

As children grow up and move away, it can be harder to find time to celebrate your family, but doing so is no less important—especially as marriages add more members to the bunch! It can take a little bit of wrangling to get everyone at the same place at the same time (especially when there are no presents or holiday desserts involved), but I promise you'll treasure the moments and portraits forever. 

Glen & Pennie: Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your wonderful family! You were such a joy to work with, and the love you share with one another truly shines in your portraits! 

Hugs, Rachel