Video: Madison Shambaugh's Cinderella ride

Remember Madison Shambaugh's incredible liberty start (no bridle, no halter, no saddle) with her mustang Amira? Check it out again here for some serious training inspiration! 

Madison was in Texas at the beginning of her journey with Amira, and she returned again in January to compete in the Mustang Magic against other trainer-mustang teams after less than 130 days of crazy is that!?! Maddy and Amira performed well enough during their preliminary classes of reining, ground work and trail to move on to the finale: a freestyle performance in front of a packed crowd!

Maddy's famous for her themed freestyle performances, and Amira's was no exception. Determined to show off Amira's "diamond in the rough" story, Madison based her performance on Disney's Cinderella--riding in a gorgeous blue ballgown, white boots, a tiara and to the theme song of the recently released live-action movie. 

The theme was kept a surprise until the performance, but I helped Maddy build excitement for the ride and raise funds to purchase Amira back at auction by releasing "sneak peak" posts throughout the preceding days. Then, I joined the action to capture footage of Madison's amazing run!

And what a performance it was! The crowd was electric, and Amira's final move--a beautiful lay-down after a stellar reining-style pattern--brought the entire John Justin Arena to their feet. 

Then, I rushed away to compile the video in order to release the footage to Maddy's fans around the world by midnight the same night...what a fitting release time for our real-life Cinderella! 

While Maddy's content is incredible, it still takes some careful planning and preparation to make a video take off; pre-posts, careful messaging within the video and post, as well as strategic re-post have all helped Maddy and I grow this video's reach.