3 Tips for Portrait Wardrobe Success

We've all been there. You're standing in your closet, surrounded by clothes, but still... "I have nothing to wear!"

I get it: dressing for your portrait session can feel hard or overwhelming. And that's OK! You're looking for something that's both flattering, comfortable and that looks great, that's quite the tall order! 

Luckily, you've started planning your outfit at least a week in advance of your session (right?!), and you've got my handy style guide in hand.

Your portrait session style guide walks you through my suggestions to assembling a head-to-toe look that you'll absolutely rock. To break it down further, keep these three key tips in mind to find a portrait outift that makes you confident during your photo shoot and will look great in print for years to come.


1) Go for classic you versus currently trendy

You want your portraits to hang on your walls for years to come and still look great...not buried with your yearbook photos of massive hair and crazy sleeves. While being on-trend is fine for the naturally fashion forward, portraits are not the best time to experiment with new clothes, hair, etc that are in style for the moment, but aren't your personal, classic style. 

I want you to love your photos. You'll love them longer if you avoid any cringe-worthy fashion statements. Ask yourself: "Will I still love this look in three years?" If so, go for it!

Luckily, you're bound to have a few classic-to-you staples in your closet already. What pieces have you loved year after year? Maybe that's your favorite chambray shirt, a drapey tunic or an understated-but-elegant top. Instead of trendy and brand new, opt for a look that feels totally "you."

2) Break it down: what looks good on you?

Everybody has clothes that they're comfortable in. No, not your sweatpants! I'm talking about dress cuts, top styles, etc that you always look great in.

Opt for a silhouette you can rock! Maybe that's a belted shirt to show off your curves, a sleeveless top that flaunts your flawless shoulders, or a flirty dress to feature your endless legs.

Similarly, avoid highlighting insecurities or make outfit picks that create illusions. Opt for a 3/4 length sleeve to slim your arms, pick heels over flats to lengthen your legs, pick a neckline that flatters your bust or a dress that skims versus clings.

Ultimately, find that outfit element that shows your best features off and go from there.

3) Borrow a wardrobe

Still not loving anything in your closet? Why not borrow? Websites like Rent the Runway, Le Tote, Gwynnie Bee and Style Lend let you shop outfits online and rent pieces you love at less than full retail price. Keep what you love and send the rest back!


Still have questions? Feel free to ask me for suggestions, or even send me photos of your outfit options...I'm happy to help you pick something you'll love!