Camp Tecumseh YMCA Lesson Horse Portraits

A visit home to Indiana wouldn't be complete without a stop in Brookston at Camp Tecumseh YMCA. 

I spent three glorious summers helping Amie and Mary Anne (AKA real-life Wonder Women) run the equestrian and horsemanship programs, where I got to love on so many awesome kiddos and kind, patient horses. 

Camp is also the place where I picked up my first DSLR camera; I can't imagine life without one, now!

In addition to visiting Chief, I wanted to capture a few of Camp's most iconic faces. Most of these guys are longtime residents—Duchess is nearly 30—and they've carried many campers on their very first trail rides, sparked a love of horses in countless hearts and—in some way or another—touched the lives of more people than I can fathom. 

These teachers bring urban-raised kids face-to-face with the power and beauty of nature. They've taught impatient minds to focus. They've taught kindness, brought joy and made lasting memories year after year. 

Oh, the stories these souls could tell.

*Live in the North Texas area and have a beloved schoolmaster you'd like to honor? Contact me about a special 2018 project I'm working on!