Kelsie & Ace Equine Portrait Session

I'm pretty sure Kelsie brings sunshine wherever she goes. She's pretty hard to miss—her signature laugh precedes her, and the energy of every room instantly lifts whenever she walks in; I don't think I've ever spent a day with Kelsie in a foul mood. 

She's also a lifelong horsewoman—I'm fairly certain she was born in the middle of a barrel run—and she wears her fierce love for her animals on her sleeve. James The One Love, or "Ace," and Kelsie have had their ups and downs—plenty of growing/learning pains and actual injury pains—but she loves her handsome boy with all her heart. They're finally starting to fully click together, and every barrel run is getting better than the last.  

Naturally, I had SO much fun capturing memories with Kelsie and Ace...her joy practically LEAPS out of the images! I can't wait to keep cheering this duo on as they chase down their dreams!