14 Reasons to Invest in Professional Equine Portraits

Every once in a while, someone (usually not a horse person) asks me, “Why do people even want to take pictures with a horse?” 

First, my face usually goes like this:


And I admit, I don’t always know how to respond. Because:

  1. It’s hard to sum up the incredible, magical thing that is a rider’s bond with her horse in a casual conversation without taking 5 hours and/or scaring said non-horse-person off.

  2. Why wouldn’t you want to have images of something that has such a huge  presence and meaning in your life? cue sassy hair flip emoji

But I also get it. Even in the “non-horse world,” there are standard reasons to invest in quality professional portraits, and unless you’re a new parent, a high school senior or getting married, it’s easy to overlook the value and many reasons for booking a session. 

So if you’re on the fence or just need that extra motivation to make it happen, here are just a few of my favorite reasons to step in front of the camera with your horse:

Documenting your Partnership
You never want to forget your once-in-a-lifetime horse. Portraits together celebrate your relationship together in a more personal way than an arena shot or win picture. 

Social Media & Digital Use
This reason’s easy: it’s simply fun to update your profile picture or flood your instagram with your favorite moments! You and your horse will also look adorable snuggling together as your desktop screensaver or phone lock screens. You’ll also want to share your images on special days—your horse’s birthday or “gotcha” day, for example. 

Commemorating a Big Goal
Neck ribbons and trophies are always welcome at your session!

Marketing & Advertisements
Top-quality images pop off the screen and make potential buyers stop their scroll. Advertising before a big show? Portraits help you add a more personal touch to stand out amongst pages and pages of ads. 

Networking & Career
When is the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile or your headshot on your work’s directory? There’s no shame in including a horse in your headshot—it tells people all about who you are—but you can also always ask me for a few headshots by yourself in the middle of your session. After all, you’re already dressed up and looking your best!

Office, Home & Barn Decor
Let your portraits truly come to life by turning them into beautiful printed artwork. 

Smaller framed prints brighten up any shelf and keep your riding goals close to your heart. That print you keep by your computer desk is also a great reminder to actually leave the office to go enjoy your horse!

Statement Art
Sharp black-background portraits, detailed closeups and vibrant landscape scenes look incredible as large canvases in your home! I will personally walk you through the process of picking the best size and images to ensure you love the art in your home. 


Sharing with Family
I promise, your mom or dad will adore a framed print or album, no matter how old you are. Albums make the perfect Christmas gift for grandparents, too!

Thanking a Mentor
Is there someone in your life who’s always supported your riding dreams, encouraged you or helped you become the horsewoman you are today? Few things say “Thank you” as meaningfully as a sweet note and framed print of you and your horse. 

Conversation Starters
If you’re like me, you love talking about your horse with anyone, anywhere. The best way to get to talk about your favorite subject is to have people ask about the gorgeous horse you have framed on your office wall!

The value of your images increases exponentially over time. You can see where you’ve been, relive your greatest moments and preserve your horse’s beauty while he’s in his prime. Portraits perfectly capture the joy, love and beautiful bond as it exists in this exact moment in time, and they’ll be something you cherish when he’s old and gray. 

Record Progress
It’s amazing how much can change in just a year! Annual portraits can serve as milestones for goals and progress. This is especially fun with homebred foals or prospects you plan to raise.

Memorialize Relationships
The last hurrah with your first lesson horse before advancing to a new ride. The horse you leased because you went stir-crazy without riding. The youngster you trained and sold. The weanling you plan to raise yourself. The sweet schoolmaster who’s ready to retire. 

They’ve all influenced your life in unique ways. Every partnership is worth remembering and celebrating.

Fun & Pampering
The process of preparing for portraits is a treat, too! Enjoy some spa time for yourself and your horse before meeting with me for an evening of laughter and pony snuggles. I promise to keep things fun!

Ready to make some memories? Contact me for more information & to schedule your sessions today.